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Our History

The history of the Internet ministry for Christ Unlimited Ministries began by the Lord leading Bud & Betty Miller to obtain the domain name back in 1995 and they became pioneers in this Internet pursuit as they developed the website with no previous computer skills. It was through a miraculous event, they were able to obtain the domain name and through they ministered to millions of people for the 18 years they owned it. It exploded and became one of the top Christian websites on the Internet reaching over a hundred  million visitors.

Now the Lord has changed direction for the ministry and the Millers are now managing and developing the new website, while is heading up, as they now own that domain name, and are offering downloads of Bibles in every language from that website. This was a wonderful answer to the Miller’s prayers to see millions of free Bible downloads being offered to the world. At the present time they have given away over a 179 million installs.

Previous to this online ministry, Bud and Betty Miller served God as evangelists traveling extensively to a number of foreign countries, as well as in the USA during the seventies. They were based in Texas at that time. Then in 1981 they established and pastored a local church in the Prescott, Arizona area for over 13 years. During this time, they developed a curriculum for a Bible School. Much of the material from the Bible School is now the content currently posted on the pages. The church was also highly involved in the support of missionaries and the sending out of free Bibles to those in need all over the world. They also had weekly prayer meetings, interceding for the needs of all who requested prayer. The Lord used the free will tithes and offerings of the people in the church to support the ministry and the work it was doing.

In 1994, the Lord spoke to the Millers to give up the pastorate and pursue a new ministry on the Internet. He spoke to them that their ministry would continue; however, this time with a different pulpit, it would now be the sending out of their teachings and sermons through this new media. They were to help those who needed Bibles, and to pray for those who needed prayer. Instead of a local ministry however, the ministry’s outreach would be to the whole world. It is amazing to see how the Lord is using to minister to so many people. The staff is receiving testimonies daily of those who are being saved, healed and touched by a word they find on the site. People are also being blessed, encouraged and are finding answers to their questions through the Bible Answers section. The Daily devotional, God’s Wisdom for Daily Living is also being used to change lives.

Bud and Betty Miller are still active in ministry, as they have no desire to retire, but plan to continue to minister as long as God has need of them to be servants to His people by sharing an overcoming life message to all of those who are seeking to know God and do His will. They are grateful for all the prayers and support of those who are called to stand with them as they continue their quest to make history for God by reaching out to a lost and confused world.

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