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Thanksgiving Message 2015

Dear Internet Friends:

Special Thanksgiving Prayer for our Internet Friends

“Dear Heavenly Father, we are so grateful for all You have done for us and most thankful for all of the Internet friends and supporters that pray for us. Now, Lord, I want to pray for them. My first prayer is that you would be very close to each one reading this and guide them by Your Spirit. Father, we live in perilous times and we would ask you to protect and watch over Your people. Father, keep each one reading this from harm and may they walk in your peace and overcome all fear that seems to be everywhere in this hour. Father, I pray Psalm 91 over all of us. Thank you for such wonderful promises you recorded in Your Word! May this person be able to lie down each night in perfect peace and enjoy the sweet sleep that you said we could have according to Proverbs 3:24  “When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.”

Lord, bless our readers with health for their bodies, peace in their minds and faith in their spirits so they can overcome everything the devil tries to bring their way. Lord, thank you for making a way where there seems to be no way. In your mercy and grace, give them the peace to know that you have their answer on the way.  Thank you for meeting their every need.  Heal their bodies and those in their families that need healing as well.  Give us all the faith we need to trust You and create a clean heart in us.  As we all celebrate Thanksgiving, may we realize all the ways You have blessed us and take time to count those blessings and thank the One who is the Author of all blessings.  One of our blessings is to be able to serve You, Lord.  Give Your people the understanding of Your Word.  May the teaching gifts you have given to us, help them in their journey of faith.  We are thankful for all of those who pray for us and support us in this ministry.  Lord, may You bless each one today in a special way and use them in the Kingdom of God as we all seek to please You.  In Jesus Name we pray.  Amen.”

We appreciate your prayers for us as well. We have been very busy working on many new projects. Please see “What’s New” in this newsletter as we now have audio sermons in YouTube.

Please Pray About Helping this Ministry Continue to Reach the World

During this time of Thanksgiving we want to express our thankfulness to each of you, who support us. We are thankful for all those who have used their gifts of encouragement and wrote us to lift us up exactly when it was needed. We are so thankful for all of those who are prayer warriors who lift this ministry on a regular basis and pray for our finances and the needs of all the lives that Christ Unlimited impacts. We do pray for you as well.  We give thanks to all of you who faithfully listen to the Lord’s leading and give of your finances to further His kingdom and change lives through this web based ministry that reaches all over the world. Your support and prayers enable us to continue to bring God’s Biblical Truths over the World Wide Web and reach people whose lives are being changed. 

We truly need your help to keep His light shining!  Each gift is precious to us right now.  We have expanded our ministry and kept our costs low by having only part time staff, each of whom is deeply committed to the ministry.  However, we do have software, server, bandwidth, and other service costs to go along with the support of our ministry team that needs meeting on an ongoing basis. We have always walked by faith in regard to the provision we need in the ministry and will continue to do so.  We only ask that you seek God and ask him if you are to help us, as we reach out to a hungry and hurting world that needs Jesus to touch them and the Bible to teach them.

Ways You Can Help

  1. We are seeking prayer intercessors who will pray for this ministry and us personally, as well as praying for all those who seek help through the website. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).  This is our number one need.
  2. Would you continue to support us financially, or begin to do so, in order that we can communicate with you more frequently and reach out in a greater way?  Make a one-time donation to help us immediately, or become a monthly supporter.  You can do this through credit card or by sending a check each month to:  Christ Unlimited Ministries, P.O. Box 850, Dewey, AZ 86327
  3. Subscribe to our Overcoming Life Mobile App the app that guides you on the Pathway into the Overcomer’s Walk.
  4. You can also help by sharing with others about the Bible Resources we offer on the website. Letting your church and Bible Study Group know about the website will increase our outreach.
  5. “Like Us” on Facebook.
  6. Also, if you have read any of our books you could help by making a positive comment on Amazon about them.
  7. You can also share with your friends where they can find our new audio teachings on YouTube.

Would you continue to support us financially, or begin to do so, in order that we can communicate with you more frequently and reach out in a greater way? We are grateful for any amount and a one-time gift right now would be most appreciated. We have always walked by faith in regard to the provision we need and trust God to speak to His people to respond to our needs. We have no large organization behind us, just His obedient people who hear His voice. We are his willing servants and will stay on the front lines as long as the Lord enables us to do so. Thank you so much. Click here to donate online or send your offerings to Christ Unlimited Ministries, P.O. Box 850, Dewey, AZ 86327


What’s New?

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God bless you.
His grateful servants,
Betty and Bud Miller