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Our financial help comes from those faithful and sensitive people in the family of God whom the Lord speaks to help us. We are grateful for all those that hear His voice and help us monetarily so that we can bless others all over the world. Would you pray about helping us? Some people do not realize the mission field that is here on the Internet. We would like to be your cyberspace missionaries. We do thank you for your support and your prayers.

Your donations are tax deductible as CHRIST UNLIMITED MINISTRIES is a non-profit, tax exempt church, under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. CHRIST UNLIMITED is sponsoring and underwriting the website and the Bible Answers for Daily Living blog.


Christ Unlimited Ministries has been blessed with a donation of some beautiful art prints. We have been given 1,200 autographed, numbered prints entitled: “A Firm Foundation” by artist C. Michael Dudash. This print is not sold in stores, nor anywhere else.

Your donation to Christ Unlimited Ministries will help us to continue getting out the gospel and in turn, we are able to bless you with a lovely gift of Christian art.

“A Firm Foundation” by C. Michael Dudash


First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this message. We are most appreciative for your response and prayers for Christ Unlimited Ministries and the website. We have been overwhelmed by the number of encouraging letters we have received from so many people all over the world. God’s people truly are wonderful people! We are blessed to be a part of His great big family.

The Internet ministry began by the Lord giving us the website back in 1995.  It exploded and became one of the top Christian websites on the Internet. Now the Lord has changed direction for us and we are now managing and developing the new website, while is heading up They are offering downloads of Bibles in every language from that website. Previous to this online ministry, we pastored a local church in the Prescott, Arizona area for over 13 years. During this time, we developed a curriculum for a Bible School. Much of the material on the website is the content that is now currently posted on the pages. Our church was also highly involved in the support of missionaries and the sending out of free Bibles to those in need all over the world. We also had weekly prayer meetings, interceding for the needs of all who requested prayer. The Lord used the free will tithes and offerings of the people in our church to support us and the work we were doing.

In 1994, the Lord spoke to us to give up the pastorate and pursue this new ministry on the Internet. He spoke to us that our ministry would continue — however, this time with a different pulpit — it would now be the sending out of our teachings and sermons through this new media. We were to help those who needed Bibles, and to pray for those who needed prayer. Instead of a local ministry however, our outreach would be to the whole world. We are amazed at how the Lord is using to minister to so many people. We are receiving testimonies daily of those who are being saved, healed and touched by a word they find on the site. People are also being blessed, encouraged and are finding answers to their questions through the Bible Answers section. The Daily devotional, God’s Wisdom for Daily Living is also being used to change lives.

Even with so many people being helped, there are still many more that need help with their questions and we simply do not have the time or the staff to answer them. It really disturbs us when we are unable to reach out to them, as we do not want to see anyone fall through the cracks. Many needy people are writing needing answers to their questions. At the present, we have a relatively small staff, plus those who volunteer their help to keep this site going. It truly has been the Lord that has accomplished what has been done so far. However, we need to keep expanding, especially in preparation for our online video outreach. This is why we are appealing to those of you who have been blessed by this ministry. We realize many of you are struggling with your own finances. However, we know as we all give what the Lord tells us to give when we put it all together it will accomplish a lot for the glory of the Kingdom of God.

We all need to think about storing up our eternal rewards. Giving is a way in which we can do this. It is not the only way, as each time we pray or do good deeds in the name of the Lord; we are also storing up rewards in heaven. This is a full time ministry for us and we are pouring our lives in the task at hand. However, we cannot do it alone.

Most of our support comes via donations given to the ministry by people, such as you, who see what the Lord is doing through this new media and want to be a part of this outreach. It is God’s grace and your gifts that make this possible. This is a “public” website supported by its users. We live utterly by faith, as we are not backed by any denomination or organization. Therefore, is free to minister to all true believers regardless of their denomination, as well as non-believers. We daily look to God to meet our needs to fulfill the vision He has given us. The Lord has people like you and a few churches that are currently supporting this work. We are praying for an increase in steady monthly supporters so we can do even more for the Lord this year. We see a great harvest before us and we need your help and your prayers. Will you ask the Lord what He would have you to give? We would now like to “pass the offering plate” so to speak. Our prayer is that the Lord will bless you back in the form of your need, whatever that might be.

If this ministry is blessing you in any way, now is your opportunity to help others that come to this site. The Internet is one of the most cost-effective means of getting out the gospel in the shortest period of time. However, it takes hours of work to make this possible. Hiring trained personnel would expedite the work on the site. If the Lord leads you to give, remember no offering is too small as even $5.00 or $10.00 will help a lot. We are grateful for large or small offerings.

You may think of other ways to help. Let us hear about your ideas. As we labor together we can change the Internet to be a better place that shares Jesus, instead of the wickedness that now exists on much of it. Will you help us? Let us assure you that we will use your offerings and help to see that every dollar is spent in a cost-effective way to reach as many people as possible in the shortest period of time. Thanking you in advance, knowing that the Lord will bless you with His eternal rewards!

His grateful servant,
Betty Miller-Haddix
P.O. Box 850
Dewey, AZ 86327 USA

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