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Thanksgiving Message 2013

Dear Internet Friends:

We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to serve the Lord in the Internet Ministry at The greatest blessing of this ministry has been to communicate with so many people around the world and you are among them. We want you to know how much we appreciate your love, prayers and support over the years. We are thankful to God for you and have included a special Thanksgiving prayer below just for you.

If you are like us, we get more mail this season of the year from friends, family, marketers and ministries and it becomes a challenge to be able to process, read and pray over it all, as to what our response should be. Personally we are unable to answer all of our mail, but we do pray for all who come to our website and contact us.

As to hearing from friends and family, those letters are always a joy, as we are really blessed to know what is going on in your lives. Receiving the sales letters and a ton of catalogs can be an answer to a gift purchase or a temptation to overspend on our Christmas list. Then come the letters requesting donations as there are so many needs in the world today. Requests for donations to worthy causes should be considered, as Christians, we are all called to give. However, where we give is a very important matter, as God wants us to support the ministries and works that are making a difference in the world and that are commissioned by Him.

God has been using Christ Unlimited Ministries in a literature ministry on the new website. We have received so many testimonies of how the Lord has used a Bible Answer or a daily devotional to change someone’s life. The Lord has used our article on “What Does the Bible Say about Suicide?” to literally save lives by preventing people from killing themselves after reading it. Our latest projects that are almost complete will be the offer of a free devotional mobile app and our launching of the online video ministry on the website. We are also nearing the completion of being able to post the Spanish version of the Overcoming Life Series online. We have had so many requests for a downloadable version of the God’s Wisdom for Daily Living devotional and we will now be able to offer it before the first of the New Year. Please pray with us as we press to finalize these projects. We just got our new mobile app approved from Apple today. Praise God!

We were able to do these things because of your prayers and support. Would you consider continuing to support us, or begin to do so, in order that we can communicate with you more frequently and reach out in a greater way? Ultimately, we must seek God as to which place He is asking us to send our gifts and donations. We have always walked by faith in regard to the provision we need in the ministry and will continue to do so. We only ask that you seek God and ask him if you are to help us, as we reach out to a hungry and hurting world that needs Jesus to touch them and the Bible to teach them. We are his willing servants and will stay on the front lines as long as the Lord enables us to do so. Thank you so much.

Special Prayer for our Internet Friends:

“Dear Heavenly Father, we want to thank you for the reader of this letter, as we want to bless them with a special prayer during this season. Father, we live in tumultuous times that were predicted in the Bible so many people are feeling hurt and pain. Lord, give my brothers and sisters your wisdom and direction at this time. Let them hear your voice in regard to the decisions they need to make. Keep them from deception. Precious Lord, may they have Your clarity in the midst of so much confusion in the world. Lord, lift them above the pressures of this world into a place of perfect peace. You told us in the
Bible that “in the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”

Father, Bud and I believe that you are the Christ Unlimited so there is no problem that you are unable to solve, no fears that you cannot remove, no disease that you cannot cure, no provision that you cannot provide, no relationship that you cannot heal and no hopeless situation that cannot be overcome by YOU, our unlimited God! Father, most of all may this reader, feel Your love and concern for them and know that they are not alone and that you will hear and answer their personal prayers as they turn to you right now in faith. Amen.” God bless you.

His grateful servants,
Betty and Bud Miller

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