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Christ Unlimited Ministries’ Online Bible Resources Outreach

Message and Mission Statement

The mission is to help change the world via our BibleResources Center by reaching the masses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ Unlimited Ministries offers the Bible in different languages and translations, Bible Answers, Bible Teachings, Devotionals, a Bible Search Tool, Mobile device tools, Bible Studies and Reading Plans in text, audio and video. We help you answer questions as to what the Bible says about many important topics, plus where in the Bible those answers are located. This is all available so people can know the God of the Bible! We thank you for your prayers and support– your gifts are essential to our mission.

Bible Based Teachings and Literature

Through the writings and teachings that God has given Betty Miller and others, Christ Unlimited Ministries is dedicated to building an online Bible Resource Center that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The teachings on this site present an Overcoming Life message that helps Christians everywhere grow in  the Lord and become overcomers in Christ through a dedicated and holy walk with God.

Features of the Website

Since 2012 we have worked diligently to develop this new website here at It was a herculean task to move over 10,000 pages of content from and develop various new ministry areas in the new website at and its sister site The Christian literature on the website is being used daily to help people in their understanding of the Bible and its principles. The Christ Unlimited teachings make available the Bible truths people need in order to live an overcoming Christian life, or find Jesus if they do not know Him.

This website now contains a multitude of teaching documents that center on the Bible and the God of the Bible. This is not the average website because of the large amount of content that is posted on it. It takes a number of people to just to manage the site. Also, currently (May 2015) the site is receiving nearly 100,000 unique visitors who engage in around 200,000 sessions and who view over 335,000 page views every month, and the traffic is growing daily. Revs. Bud and Betty Miller attribute the many testimonies of changed lives through this outreach to the work of the Holy Spirit. The following lists are the ministry areas that have been developed that center around the Bible and that can be accessed via the menu on the homepage:

  • Bible Search Tool
  • Read the Bible in a Year Plan
  • Read Parallel Translations of the Bible
  • Read the Bible in Various Translations
  • Bible Verses for the Day
  • Bible Teaching Blog
  • Bible Study APP for Download
  • Bible Materials for Spanish Speaking Users
  • Listen to the Bible
  • Bible Study Aids
  • Bible Downloads (We link to for these)
  • How to know the God of the Bible – Jesus
  • Biblical Prophecies about Jesus
  • The Names and Titles of Jesus Christ
  • The Overcoming Life Bible Study
  • Overcoming Life Digests
  • Free Bible Study Scholarships
  • Famous Bible Passages
  • Bible Verses for Children
  • Information about the Bible
  • The Bible’s Infallibility
  • Fast Facts About the Bible
  • Bible Quotes from Famous People
  • Influence of the Bible in America
  • Bible Answers that Address the Social Issues of the Day
  • Topical Bible Answers
  • Bible Based Daily Devotional on the Book of Proverbs
  • Morning and Evening Bible Scripture Devotionals
  • Prayer Room for Help
  • Biblical Prayer Teachings
  • Intercessory Prayer Teachings
  • Prayer Bible Verses
  • Christ Unlimited Ministry Bookstore

Audio/Video Capabilities with an Online Bible Teaching Outreach

The ministry has now completed its online Internet broadcast studio with the remodeling of the Ministry Chapel at the Christ Unlimited headquarters and has now furnished it with the sets and state of the art audio and video equipment that will enable them to provide online Bible based teaching and preaching by the Millers and other guest speakers. These sessions will be broadcast worldwide over the Internet, and then archived for future viewing. This library of Christian ministry will build the online community and generate repeat visits to the site. The ministry now just needs the funds to hire a producer and/or videographer to direct the filming and editing in order to prepare it for broadcasting on the Internet. The broadcasting of sermons, teachings and prayer meetings will reach a worldwide audience. Please pray for this project.

Development of the God’s Wisdom for Daily Living Devotional free Mobile App

We are still working on this project, but are in the final stages of the development of the devotional app that is a 365 day devotional and mini-teaching based on the book of Proverbs. We plan to offer the basic devotional app free in order to help people walk in the Wisdom of the Bible. We want to strengthen Christians in their daily walk with God and also influence the culture with God’s Wisdom to offset the lies and foolishness that are being taught to many of God’s people who are deceived. This deception weakens their testimony in our society. Pray for the completion of this project as it is stalled at this time, as we need funds to complete the final programming.

Outreach through the Christ Unlimited Ministries’ E-mail Mailing List

We are currently able to communicate with our user base of over 51,000 people. These “opted-in” names were collected on the website by offering newsletter and blog sign-ups. The newsletter is written in a format that highlights articles that emphasize what the Bible says about various subjects and topics that are currently being discussed in the news. This e-mail list is also used for ministry communication and prayer needs. This list is never sold and is used strictly for the purpose of helping people in these perilous times when they need to know what the Bible has to say about certain subjects. We also share with our users the latest ministry tools and products that will help them grow in Christ. Click here to sign up.

Succession Plans for Christ Unlimited Ministries

Although the Millers are in good health as pronounced by their doctor at their last physical checkups; they want to insure that the gifts God gave them will continue to bless others. Since they are gifted with a teaching and literature ministry, they want it to continue to reach others after they are called home. These plans are in place with their board members. This will insure that the website and literature ministry will continue in the future so that any investment in this work will not be in vain but continue to enhance the Kingdom of God.

The Millers have stated they are grateful for all that they have been able to accomplish for the Lord in their senior years and give Him the credit for all that He is doing through this ministry and their lives.

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