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Complimentary Bible Study Books

Complimentary Books Permitted Use

At this time, we are offering complimentary Bible Study Books of the Overcoming Life Series to all who are interested at no charge. You may copy and/or distribute in PDF format the 9 books and 9 workbooks of the series by Betty Miller as a complete unedited work. You may transmit the PDFs via email attachment or you may place the books for download at no charge from your website or website profile.

You must not edit, modify or alter the individual PDFs in any way. Each work is offered free and must be copied and/or distributed in its complete, unedited and unmodified format. Since this is a copyrighted work, all PDF files of this work must contain the copyright notice of Christ Unlimited Ministries.

You may not charge money for the books and workbooks of this series when you give copies to others or when you post these titles for download on your website. You may not include these books and workbooks as a free bonus to other works for which you do charge money.

The PDFs of the Overcoming Life Series are being distributed at no charge by Christ Unlimited Ministries to help others grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and the Bible. This series is being sold elsewhere for $10 for each book title and $15 for each workbook title in the series.

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After completing the form below you will be taken to the Overcoming Life Series complimentary download page where you can download the series at no charge.

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Note: We respect your privacy. We will never sell or share your email address with anyone else. From time to time we will send you helpful information concerning the Overcoming Life Series.


If you find the Overcoming Life Series valuable to your Christian walk and/or if you would like to help Christ Unlimited Ministries to continue to furnish this valuable series to the Body of Christ please consider supporting this ministry with a donation. Most of Christ Unlimited Ministries support comes from donations given to the ministry by people, like you, who see what God is doing through this ministry on the Internet and want to share in this outreach. It is your donation and gifts that make this ministry possible. Although Christ Unlimited Ministries is a 501(C)3 non-profit ministry, we live utterly by faith in God’s provision, as we are not backed by any particular denomination or organization.

About is the main website ministry of Christ Unlimited Ministries. As such, is free to minister to all true believers regardless of their denomination, as well as non-believers. We daily look to God to meet our needs to fulfill the vision He has given us. Since the hour is late, our desire is to spread these teachings quickly, so that God’s people can be equipped to learn how to live the Overcoming Life and become effective disciples of Christ. has over 10,000 pages of Bible based information with a Bible Search, Bible Questions and Answers, Daily Devotionals, Bible Helps and much more. It is an extensive library of Biblical information and helps for all Christians.

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