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Bud Miller Memorial

December 17, 1928 – March 18, 2020

Bud Miller Picture
Pastor Roy Spencer ‘Bud’ Miller


Obituary for Pastor Roy Spencer “Bud” Miller

Pastor Roy Spencer “Bud” Miller, Jr. went to his heavenly home to be with Jesus after an emergency surgery and a short time in ICU at a local hospital in Prescott, Arizona.  His wife, Betty, was by his side when he died on March 18, 2020 at 3:03 in the afternoon.  Bud was born in Plainview, Texas on December 17, 1928 and was an only child. His father and mother were Roy Spencer Miller, Sr. and Christelle Maxwell Owens.  Bud was 92. He and his wife, Betty, have lived in the Prescott and Dewey area in Northern Arizona since 1978, after moving from their home in Texas. They were married in 1977 and have been in ministry together since that time.  Bud and Betty were Christian evangelists for a number of years and then they pastored together at Christ Unlimited Fellowship in the eighties and nineties in Dewey, AZ.

In their later years, they did not want to retire, but rather chose to continue to serve their Lord Jesus, so they founded two major Internet ministries online, at God’s leading, over the last 30 years called and

Bud, in his earlier years, was a rancher and farmer in West Texas. He was a true “West Texas Gentleman.” He loved to ride horses with a friend or one of his children at his side.  He was an exceptional man of God with an extraordinary gift from God to encourage and bless others. He was a man of faith and was a good and kind person. We shall all remember his wonderful sense of humor as his dialog was an endless source of laughter and he was a great story teller.  He had an infectious laugh, so everyone laughed with him.  He loved to joke and tease. He made those around him feel loved and appreciated.

Bud also founded 32 businesses over the years; however, his whole life changed when he answered the Lord’s call to serve Him in ministry.  He found his greatest fulfillment in serving God, his wife, his family and others for the last 43 years.  Bud was a devoted and faithful husband and he and Betty were happily married for almost 43 years and were rarely separated.  They lived an extraordinary life in the Lord and witnessed many miracles over the years. Bud was an humble man and always gave glory to God for all He did in their lives.


Bud leaves behind two sons, Roy Spencer Miller III, wife Mary; Andy Miller, wife Kelle; a daughter, Cindy Smith, husband Randy; all residing in Texas and a stepdaughter, Stacy Fornara residing in Arizona. He has eight (8) grandchildren; plus eleven (11) great grandchildren.

Graveside Service at Christ Unlimited’s Headquarters

Because of the pandemic in our land the family is limited as to being able to come together to celebrate his life, so they will plan to have a memorial service to honor this man they all know and love, at a later date in the year, after this Corona virus passes. At present, there will only be a graveside service for close friends and family. It will be held on Saturday at 3:00 PM, April 4, 2020 at the small cemetery located on the Christ Unlimited Ministries property.  Rev. William Mark Bristow of Odessa, Texas will be officiating. Please call Sunrise Funeral Home in Prescott Valley, AZ to let us know if you plan to attend as we must practice social distancing at the service and will need to know how to accommodate those who desire to come. The family wants everyone to be safe, so does not expect a large crowd due to circumstances and only wants those who feel led of the Lord to attend. Your prayers at this time will be sufficient.  This is an RSVP event so you must phone ahead.  Phone Sunrise Funeral Home at 928-772-7475 if you plan to attend.

Viewing of the Body

For those who cannot attend the graveside service, the family will also open the Cherry Chapel on the grounds for a public viewing on Friday, April 3, 2020 during the times from 2:00 to 5:00 PM; but this must also be arranged by appointment only by phoning Sunrise Funeral Home for a time you plan to attend to maintain the government’s edict of only 10 people at a time in the chapel. Please phone 928-772-7475, as well, for an appointment to view the body if you are coming on Friday. 

Condolences & Contributions

For those who wish to leave their condolences or comments online you may go to the ‘Leave a Reply’ in the Comments section at the bottom of this page.

In place of sending flowers, please consider giving a memorial offering. This would please Bud, as Betty will continue to host the website to reach the world with the gospel. Thank you.

Mail offerings to: Christ Unlimited Ministries, P.O. Box 850, Dewey, AZ 86327 (make checks payable to: Christ Unlimited Ministries with a note “Memorial Gift”)

Donate online at:

The Lord Appeared to Bud

During Bud’s hospital stay, the Lord appeared at the foot of his bed one night and spoke these words to him from the book of Isaiah. Isaiah was Bud’s favorite book in the Bible:

Isaiah 60:1  “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.”

One of Bud’s last notations were written on a piece of paper found in his Bible and it read: “Real ministry flows from what Christ is doing in us, not from what we are trying to do for Him.  True ministry is a natural part of our relationship with Jesus Christ and then it naturally flows over to others.”

Closing Prayer by Betty Miller

Dear Heavenly Father,

“I am so thankful that You gave Bud Miller to me and others and that he has been a part of my life for the last 43 years as my dear husband. Lord, because we are not able to celebrate his life right now in a public meeting because of the pandemic, we just want all of those who knew him to know that we honor and celebrate his life and all the contributions he has made to the Kingdom of God by his obedience to You and how that has affected so many lives around the world. Thank you Lord for giving me Bud Miller, my most beloved husband, He was also a wonderful father, grandfather, great grandfather and friend and a committed servant of the Lord.  Father God, we look to you to bring the comfort of the Holy Spirit to each of our hearts right now, as we honor your beloved son and servant. Father, we are thankful to have known such a wonderful man of God whose life touched us all in a special way. He was a man who loved us all and was gifted with so many attributes.  One we will all remember is his wonderful sense of humor who made us all laugh.  He maintained that sense of humor and joy until the end.  Lord, we shall miss him, but we know we shall see him again in heaven and what a day of rejoicing that shall be.  Bud wanted his passing to be a celebration, so now we celebrate his life by carrying in our hearts the many fond memories we have of him.  May we feel the joy he is experiencing now, as he is with Jesus in our heavenly home.  I ask this in Jesus’ most precious name.  Amen.”.

Betty Miller – March, 2020


Bud would say to us…

“I’m Free”

Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free, I’m following the path God laid for me.
I took his hand when I heard his call, I turned my back and left it all.
I could not stay another day, To laugh, to love, to work, to play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way, I’ve found that peace at the end of the day.
If my parting has left a void, Then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah, yes, these things too I will miss.
Be not burdened with times of sorrow, I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My Life’s been full, I savoured much, Good friends, good times, a loved one’s touch.
Perhaps my time seemed all too brief, Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your heart and share with me, God wanted me now, He set me free.

Poem by Janice M. Fair-Salters


Scriptures Pertaining to Life and Death

Genesis 2:7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10 (ASV):

1  For we know that if the earthly house of our tabernacle be dissolved, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal, in the heavens. 2  For verily in this we groan, longing to be clothed upon with our habitation which is from heaven: 3  if so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked. 4  For indeed we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened; not for that we would be unclothed, but that we would be clothed upon, that what is mortal may be swallowed up of life. 5  Now he that wrought us for this very thing is God, who gave unto us the earnest of the Spirit. 6  Being therefore always of good courage, and knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord 7  (for we walk by faith, not by sight); 8  we are of good courage, I say, and are willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be at home with the Lord. 9  Wherefore also we make it our aim, whether at home or absent, to be well-pleasing unto him. 10  For we must all be made manifest before the judgment-seat of Christ; that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

Revelation 21:4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

1 Thessalonians 4:14-17 For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep. For this we declare to you by a word from the Lord, that we who are alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep. For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord.

How Do you Get To Heaven?

Admit – that you are a sinner and in need of a Savior (Romans 6:23)

Abandon – self-effort and repent of your sins and realize that you can not be saved by your works or your own efforts (Acts 16:31)

Accept freely Christ’s payment for your sins with His death on the cross, required of the Father (John 3:16)

Acknowledge Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior (Acts 4:12)

If you do these things Christ will come and live in your heart and take you to heaven when you die.


December 17, 2020

Message from Betty Miller

I had planned on having a church memorial service here locally to celebrate Bud Miller’s life on this earth and his graduation to heaven last March 18, 2020 at the age of 92.  Since many people were not able to attend the funeral services held on April 4, 2020 because of the Pandemic lock-down at the time, I wanted to have a Memorial Service later.  Obviously, the Covid19 virus spread is still going on at this time, so in lieu of having that planned service, I would like to invite you to share just a few words or a short testimony of what Bud meant to your life or something you especially remembered about him that was endearing.  You can do this is the comment section below where you can post what you would like to share with me and his family and friends.  This would be such a blessing to all of us.  We were limited to social distancing and an outdoor service at the time; however, thirty seven people did come and we had a graveside service with Pastor Mark Bristow officiating.  That time was a blessing.

Bud’s birth date is December 17th.  He loved his birthday parties down through the years, so I wanted to remember him on his birthday this year, as that is the date I wanted to have a Memorial Service. However, since that is not possible, it would be such a blessing to me and Bud’s family and friends to be able to read about how Bud touched your life.   All you need to do is just scroll down to the comment section and leave your thoughts there.  I really miss Bud a lot, but I am happy he is home with Jesus and I thank the Lord every day that He gave me the gift of a beautiful marriage with Bud for 43 years. Below is a poem I wrote a number of years ago as a gift to him on one of his birthdays.  I share my heart to him as the wonderful husband and friend he was. I pray it will bless you.

We will soon celebrate another birthday and that is our Lord’s birthday on December 25th and I pray that you and your family will have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year in Christ!  Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Blessings, Betty Miller

Birthday Greetings to Bud Miller

(Poem I wrote to Bud a number of years ago.)

Birthday Greetings came from all over the world from your Internet family.

Now it is our turn to applaud you, and look back over the years happily.

I want to share first, as I know you better than anyone in the room.

You have always been faithful since we became a bride and groom.


 In a world where faith and trust are scarcities, I am thankful for your love.

I know God sent a special man into my life as a gift from above.

It has been a joy to serve in the ministry together over the years.

You’ve stood with me and others, through times of happiness and tears.


Your virtues are many, as you are a gentleman who is kind and sweet,

A good husband, and the nicest person you would ever meet.

Your sense of humor is one thing that everyone loves about you.

You’ve had us all laughing, including the congregation in the pew.


Yes, you make us grin, as you always have a good story to tell,  

That’s one reason you spend so much time on “Ma Bell

Sharing and talking with your friends, who know you well.

But they are always encouraged when you finish your latest tale.


However, when it comes to preaching, you are serious in your mission.

The gospel going out to the whole world, that’s your vision!

You want everyone to know the good news about our Lord.

That’s why you work to build the website strong in the Word.


Your race is not finished yet, so you will continue on.

And I will be at your side to see that it is done.

We still have many things to do and more gospel seeds to sow.

And lots of ideas to implement so that BibleResources will grow.


So, Happy Birthday to my partner and closest friend.

Yes, we will continue together until we reach our destiny’s end.

Then I know you will hear from our Master at the setting of the sun.

Enter in, Bud Miller, good and faithful servant, well done.

In memory of Bud Miller – a Poem from his wife, Betty


Please leave your condolences or remembrances of Bud
in the “Leave a Reply” Comment box below:

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This Post Has 63 Comments

  1. Mary Harris

    Dear Mrs. Miller, I ran accross your internet site as I was researching if Pokemon was demonic. Was worried about the addiction my grandson and great grandson seem to have with the game. Shared your article on that with their Mothers. My condolances in the loss of your husband. I have maked your site as a favorite. Thank you so much and may Jesus bless you and your family!

  2. Tim James

    Bud was a courageous man of God with you at his side, you posted “His Intimate Presence” on in many languages and opened the door for many Muslims to follow Jesus! Thank you for being fearless, because the cost was high especially in the spiritual attacks it brings to your doorstep, yet God is greater, His angelic army encircles the mountains with His holy fire, and now Bud is with them singing and rejoicing forever with our eternal Intercessor Jesus! May this Season be one of COMFORT and JOY in Jesus’ Name.

  3. Liz Derois

    I think I first met you two at the Stockroom (office supply) when you first moved to Prescott. Of course, got to know you better when I worked at BofA. It was always such a joy when you would come in, always brightening the place up. You both have always been such an encouragement and a blessing to my life.

  4. Liz Derois

    Betty, I thought I had commented when I heard of Bud’s passing. I think I first met you two at the Stockroom (office supply) when you first moved to Prescott. Of course, got to know you better when I worked at BofA. It was always such a joy when you would come in, always brightening the place up. You both have always been such an encouragement and a blessing to my life.

  5. Rosemary Kargas-Ramirez

    I came across Betty & Bud Miller through research on the “Mark of the Beast”. I further delved into these most interesting people, I was saddened to see Bud is no longer with us. I was trying to see if Betty was still alive? She writes so beautifully. I love reading both of their stupendous work. I just was wondering if Betty is still ministering? I have lived in Arizona all my 55 years. I feel like I already know them. But it would be an honor to visit their church, if I could get an address. Thank you, and God Bless You!!!

    1. Betty Miller

      Dear Rosemary,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am still maintaining the website and do appreciate your prayers for me. I am 82 years old and no longer pastor the church, but do still minister with my writings online, as my pulpit is over the Internet. I also have phone prayer meetings. Please email me at: and I will share details. Blessings, Betty Miller

  6. Gabriel

    Good morning Mrs. Miller,

    I know you may not know exactly who I am. My father knew you and told me about you. I heard the news recently about the loss of your husband, Pastor Bud, and I wanted to personally send you my condolences for your loss. Since I was young I remember hearing of stories of you and your husband’s faith and the impact you have made on this earth with God for the Kingdom of Heaven. Your faith has encouraged me far more than you and your husband will ever know. Even when I had fallen away from the Lord, hearing of stories of your faithfulness was such a light to me. Especially now, as I have wholeheartedly committed myself to Jesus, your lives are a testimony of strength and boldness to pursue Jesus with everything in you. I seek the Lord constantly on keeping me a man of faith until the day I get to meet our Heavenly Father. Thank you for the example that you and Pastor Bud have set for the younger generation of believers to follow.

    I pray that the Lord bless you and keep you, that He make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.


  7. Marcia Jaffe

    I did not know Bud very well, but he was always pleasant and had a smile. He did pray one time for me that the Lord would keep the snakes off the road.That was nice. There was a lot of snakes out that year.
    We continue to hold you up in prayer still, for the Lord’s comfort and healing in all His ways.
    Love, Marcia

  8. Sharon and Preston Sykes

    Betty, truly God’s words are eternal. Bud left leaving a legacy of God’s faithfulness to uphold His promises. Bud was greatly loved and a faithful partner to you in every respect. Much love, Sharon and Preston

  9. Hal Sullivan

    “Bud was special. He always had time to talk. A special friend does not come close to describing what he meant to me. I can be happy he is with the Lord but feel crushed I can’t talk to him. Love you brother. Please put in a good word for me.”

  10. Kent Wick

    I admired so many qualities that just came naturally to Bud. Calm,thoughtful,kind and funny are but a few. He truly believed that it was better to comfort than to be comforted. Where there was darkness he brought light. I miss my friend.
    God Bless

  11. Louise Moore

    Knowing Bud has been so special for me. God connected Bud, Betty and I years ago and we have been close in heart ever since. They are family to me and Bud has definitely felt like my brother. He told me that I was like his sister. It was like that. I felt so loved and cared for and have been so ministered to by them both through the years.
    I spent several times on the phone with just Bud.I loved those times . I loved the laughs we had and his wisdom and insights concerning the various things we would discuss. I was always touched and encouraged.
    I loved the visits we had together especially . They were always wonderful too. I will always cherish the memories.
    What a blessing Bud has been in my life and I know in every ones life that has known him. I thank God for the gift it Eternal life and for the reality of heaven.!! I know that Bud is happy and more alive than ever!! I also know that we will all rejoice immensely in our being together again!! And this time it will be forever !! Oh what joy!!! What a day that will be!!
    My heart and prayers go out to you Betty , my very dear and precious sister and to all the family and friend at this time . May God comfort you in wonderful
    Ways and fill you continually with his love.
    With much love to you all,
    Louise Moore

  12. Julie Peterson

    Jim & I got to know you & Bud after moving to Cherry and attending the annual fire meetings at Meluzzo’s barn. Both of you always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. At Mary Gindhart’s service I read a favorite poem of mine that had been given to me by a neighbor after my Dad had passed. You both came over & told me what a beautiful poem I had shared! It’s the little things in life like that people remember and cherish. God bless.

  13. Gordon Douglas

    The very first time I met Bro. Bud I knew he was not only a man of God but also a man of integrity. I met the Millers through Martin Pangburn and became friends from that point. There were other times of fellowship but I remember the first time I met him by Martin’s introduction at the Miller home in Cherry Bro. Miller put me to work picking apples! I know Bro. Bud is missed here on earth but Heaven celebrates his presence. May God continue to bless Sis. Miller as she continues the work of God.

  14. Doreen Strohm

    It does not seem possible that Bud is gone for a year! He was a man’s man yet sweet and mighty in Spirit. He was a general of the faith and all he cared to do was tell stories of God’s provisions. He proclaimed his goodness and sometimes shared the same stories over and over but who cared? How can we ever get tired of hearing of God’s wonderful ways? My prayer is that the faith he imparted in others, especially his kinfolk, would live on until Jesus comes. He is part of that great cloud of witnesses and I have no doubt that if we could hear his voice, he would be cheering us on and encouraging us to finish well. He was not a man that prepared for dying! Death was not in his vocabulary yet I bet he would not trade with any of us for a moment. What a remarkable joy it is to know this couple that shared a relationship that few see on this side of heaven. It is the relationship of Christ and the church that is proclaimed through a marriage covenant that is rightly aligned with Truth and standing on the Rock! Bud and Betty had such a marriage and we are grateful for the beauty of God’s love and care for us that shined brightly through their lives together. Betty, you are carrying the mantle for this ministry now and the Lord will give you wisdom to know how to carry on His work! He will continue to carry you on His wings until it is time to join Bud and the heavenly host that proclaims His holiness. Our prayers continue for your family members. May they be comforted in the fact that Bud loved them and spoke of them often. Our prayer is that they would accept the mantle that the Lord is holding out to them and walk worthy of the calling that they have received! (Ephesians 4:1) God’s Spirit will be with you all as it was with Bud.. Be strong and be courageous and rise to your calling! We cherished this man and we are grateful that the seeds he has sown will not return void!

  15. Betty Miller

    Today is the one year anniversary of Bud’s home going and I (Bud’s wife) am personally celebrating Bud Miller’s life on this earth. He graduated to heaven last March 18, 2020 at the age of 92. This past year has gone by so quickly. I really miss him, but I am so thankful to have had him in my life for 43 years. I was blessed with a wonderful marriage and ministry partner and prayer partner and I thank God every day for that gift. I have so many fond memories of our life together. I especially miss his laughter. I do appreciate all of the prayers you have prayed for me, as truly the Lord has comforted me with His peace and strength so that I am able to continue the ministry with joy in my heart.

    With Covid19 still here we have all had to learn to do things a different way, so in lieu of a physical Memorial Service in a church, it would be such a blessing to me and Bud’s family and friends to be able to read about how Bud touched your life. Some of you have already done this and what a blessing your thoughts and words were to me and the family. Please join me here, in the comment section if you have not already done so, if you would like to honor Bud as your words will be preserved on this website that he loved. The Holy Spirit is still ministering through his writings and sermons, where his thoughts and teachings are still posted online. Go here to listen to some of his sermons posted on the Christ Unlimited Ministries YouTube Channel.

    I really miss him a lot, but I am happy he is home with Jesus and I thank the Lord that He has given me His peace and comfort and desire to continue the ministry, so I would appreciate your continued prayers and support. I thought I would get through writing this without crying, but I did not make it, as when I wrote about missing his laughter, tears came to my eyes, as I remembered the infectious laugh he had after telling one of his favorite stories. I know those of you that knew him personally know exactly what I am referring too. I am happy for him that he finished his race before I finish mine, so I find a lot of joy in that. My last thought is may others who have lost loved ones over this last year rejoice if they knew Jesus, as we are all going to that wonderful place called heaven one day, ourselves, where the Lord Jesus will wipe all tears from our eyes and sorrow and death will be no more. Blessings, Betty Miller

  16. John Jacobsen

    I first met Bud when he came to visit the new pastor in the Good Shepherd Church of God which had taken over the Christ Unlimited building on Highway 69. As the assistant pastor, I was the only one there. We chatted and I was impressed with Bud’s sincerity and friendliness. Then a few weeks later he stopped by and I again was the only one there. It felt like this was a divine connection being established. And it did indeed begin a bonding and a connection that deepened over the years as I set forth into ministry under his and Betty’s guidance and encouragement. Bud’s deep faith and joy in the Lord was always infectious and will be sorely missed.

  17. Kristin

    I always remember Bud’s ready smile and sense of humor. Even in hard times, he could laugh and lighten things up. His dedication to serving the Lord never wavered and he was a good example to all around him.

  18. Karen Bruno and Faren Wattie

    Bud was such a great man. He was incredibly kind, warm, and always had a smile and nice things to say. He is missed very much!

  19. Larrine Valero

    There truly are few words in which to express my love and thoughts towards Bud & Betty, having met them when I was still a “baby Christian” you might say. I was innately drawn to the two of them, as they expressed true Christian love & compassion for me and my family. I didn’t have a “Father” growing up, and Bud emanated a Father’s kind of love. I felt “safe” in his presence and loved his fathering hugs (something that I longed for). He was indeed a very special man. Betty emanated a strength and fortitude that I had not experienced before, and both she and Bud became mentors for me. My first “great grandson” was born out of wedlock, and Bud & Betty visited me while I was living in Temecula, Ca. and I was raising him while his mother was completing high school. Bud and Betty, together, prayed over and baptized my precious great grandson. He is now 16 years old (almost 17), he loves the Lord and excels in all that he endeavors to do. Thank you Bud and Betty for your special walk with the Lord….and “Bud” I look forward to seeing you again in heaven one day!!!

  20. Dr. Paul Hicks

    I always looked forward to Bud’s visits in our dental office. He was quick to offer a word of encouragement or just tell a good tale. His genuine concern for others was obvious and often took the form of a quick prayer of support, honoring Jesus. Betty, I share in your loss, but also in the comfort sent by the Holy Spirit that Bud has run the good race and is resting comfortably in the presence of our Lord and Savior.
    Dr. Paul Hicks

  21. Dr. Paul Hicks

    I always looked forward to Bud’s appointments in our dental office. He was always ready with a good tale and a quick smile. He was truly a grateful person and quick to share a word of encouragement or lead a prayer in support honoring Jesus. I’ll miss our visits, but have comfort in the knowledge that Bud has run the good race and is resting comfortably in the presence of our savior. Betty, I share in your loss, but am also comforted by the Holy Spirit and inspired by a life well live in service to our Lord.

  22. Jay & Mart Kempf

    When ever we rehearse our life with you and Brother Bud, I can’t help but smile. He loved telling stories and I loved hearing them. No matter how often he repeated the same story it was always a little different with the exception that he would get so tickled by the story he could barely finish it for the laughter that accompaned it. That is actually my last recollection of Brother Bud; he and I sitting in the living room and he telling me some of his favorite stories while laughing so hard he almost couldn’t finish. It is a blessing to emember him that way. He always blessed us and he and Marti had a special connection that continued from our first days with you both and continues even today. We look forward to the time when we can be together in the presence of our Lord. The Lord bless you and keep us all in the power of His might.

  23. Lesa Powsey

    Dear Betty,
    As I write this on the birthdate of your late husband, my former pastor and friend, Bud Miller, I try to picture him after many years…and I see his twinkly blue eyes! They were warm, kind, jovial, and sincere…. just like his heart. He loved his dog, his home & land, his beautiful wife… and Bud loved people! Most of all, Bud loved Jesus. Bud is with his first Love today; and although I’m sad for your loss, Betty, I know your love for Bud–and especially for Jesus–are stronger than the grief you must be carrying. Loss is so hard, but thank you for continuing to pour
    yourself into the ministry, people, and prayer. That’s what Bud–sweet Pastor Bud–would have wanted. Thank you both for blessing my life.
    Love Always in Christ,

  24. Linda Abell

    It’s amazing to me how sometimes God will reveal something to someone else about you before He reveals it to you. That is exactly what happened with me. Bud had gotten sick in 2019 and was struggling to regain his health. Betty had sent a prayer request that they were in need of a caretaker but I did not think that would be me as I was going through some personal struggles of my own. But Bud……well, Bud knew I was coming to fill that position before the Lord had even revealed it to me. In the interim, I would go up to Cherry on a few occasions to help in any way I could. Then December, 2019, the Lord told me to go and so I made arrangements and headed up right after the New Year. This is where I really got to know and love Bud and Betty as I had the privilege and honor of being his caretaker during the last few months of his life.
    Bud’s walk with Jesus was evident in all he did and said. Some people are good at ‘saying’ but Bud was a ‘doer’ of the Word as well. The first place that it was evident was in his relationships, especially his marriage. He adored and respected Betty and she him. His faith was further evident when he would have a health set-back. He would grieve and then give it to the Lord, who he knew to be the author and finisher of his faith, and then fight to get back up again always keeping the Lord before him. He taught me so much through his actions.
    Two of my most favorite things about Bud were his story telling and his sense of humor. This man could tell a story like no other as I am sure you all know. I heard many stories as I was assisting him throughout the days and his sense of humor was contagious. How could you not laugh right along with him?
    Oh, did I mention that he was a prankster too. I remember times that I was assisting him that he would ‘pssst’ me or jump as if I had hurt him and then laugh and laugh. I vowed to pay him back but he was always one step ahead of me except, of course, when we were doing physical therapy and I was then affectionately called the ‘task master’ or ‘bossy’ lol! I took my job seriously!
    Through all of this, I have to say that this was the hardest, most rewarding job I have ever had. I miss Bud. I miss his humor. I miss his stories. His memory will forever be etched in my heart as I wait for a ‘story-telling, sit-down’ with him one day.
    Bud’s Sister in Christ,
    Linda Abell

  25. Kevin P. McCluskey

    Woow….even have a “Lazarus” from India in comments…Your stories of pryr. and taking authority over powers of darkness in N. India helped me keep the faith and vision going, when doing same outreach. Saw, people singing Christmas Carols in middle of nite, on bus stop !! Knowing how to learn and pass Yashua’s Presence is.. THE total “Breath of LIFE” we share. Most important is Romans 8:2 that was on your lips in final days Bud, its TATOOED to my tongue now for this battle…have added Rms. 8:1 too. Betty and Betty you’re always: my electronic Cowboy Couple !! Greater Glory coming.

  26. Vernie McAnear

    Oh my, where do I begin…..Our love for both Bud and Betty cannot be measured. What they have given us from the Lord cannot be compared to any earthly treasure…because it has been deposited in the eternal realm. My late husband, Greg, myself (Vernie), and our children Jenny and John, about age seven and nine lived on their beautiful ministry property in Cherry Arizona. Over a three year period, we lived in two different cabins. I helped with overseas missions, my husband helped with editing, and of course both of us were part of the intercession and worship. This was one of the richest times in our lives. When I think of Bud, I think of kindness, humor, patience, compassion, and of course an immense love and fervency for the Lord. Bud baptised our children in their pool on the ministry property. This meant so very much. One time, when living in one of the three cabins on the property, my husband drove us down to the main lodge where Bud and Betty lived. As we arrived, my husband said to Bud, “Well, Vernie got her date for this week”….referring to the 500 yard drive from our cabin to Bud and Bettys. Bud was sitting on the swing on their porch at the time and laughed so hard. He was always down to earth and kind. When he preached, he preached from a whole heart, very boldly. The Gospel was known when you heard him at the pulpit. No mincing of words. Our prayer times were always so rich. Each morning gathering together to set the pace for the day. Our children homeschooled in a Co-op setting with Bud’s son, Spence and wife Sheri’s children, Amanda, Lindsay, and Seth. It was a joy! Since my husband had a teachers degree, he was quite instrumental in this area. We loved the communal garden, and animals. So many beautiful memories, we hold dear to our hearts. My husband now, Marv, after my first husbands passing, were fortunate enough, at God’s timing to be able to visit Bud when he passed. We live in Idaho now. It was a divine time in God. Both Bud and Betty carry so much of God’s authority through many experiences they have walked through. They are patriarchs and matriarchs of faith. Much fruit. When asking the Lord what He had to say regarding Bud, when he was in the hospital his last three weeks, I saw a vision of Bud. He had longer white hair and a beard. He was draped with a long velvet red robe, wearing a jeweled crown, and holding a large staff with jewels on the handle. I truly feel that is what the Lord gave to him as he entered His heavenly home. His time on earth ushering in his royalty in God, because of the faithfulness of his service. Believe it or not, I did not know Bud had longer hair and a beard, until we saw him at the hospital. We had not seen Bud or Betty for some time. I had seen the vision before our visit. Seeing him was a confirmation of the vision, with the longer white hair and beard. I knew God had shown and spoken Our family is forever thankful for our relationship with Bud and Betty. Their reward is great, not that they even focus on that. Their hearts are to see the lost saved, no matter what the cost. True Bridal warriors. We love Bud (and you Betty) so very very much! You are forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday King Bud!!!

  27. Israel Nelson

    My brief interactions with Bud were too brief. He inspired me greatly with his stories/testimonies of how God worked in his life and I was captivated by his storytelling. What a treasure chest of God goodness Bud’s life was. I’m so honored to have known him and spent time with this might man of faith!

  28. igor radovic

    Dear Sister Betty
    Just wanted to leave a kind memorial for your kind and man of God husband and brother in Christ.

    I wanted to thank the Lord for his precious life,faith and service to the Lord.

    As limited what I knew about Brother Bud
    I am Greatful to the Lord Jesus Christ

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for brother Buds life in YOU.


    Praying for you

    With kove in Christ

    Brother igor

  29. Mike and Lelonnie Hibbewrd

    My husband and I only met Bud and Betty once, but our lives were forever impacted. As a couple, your generosity in sharing time, advice and encouragement with us meant the world. You were not too busy or too engaged with more important people to communicate with us from time to time and we will always treasure the things you taught us about caring for individuals as you fervently loved and walked with Jesus. We have followed your ministry and offer our sincere condolences regarding Bud’s passing to be with Jesus. Betty may the Lord continue to guide you and the whole family through this valley. We thank the Lord that He is supernaturally giving you grace and comfort for each day. With love
    Mike and Lelonnie

  30. Doreen Strohm

    What a general of the faith Bud was to the body! Inspiring others by his stories of God’s provision, encouraging those around him who saw his strength, courage and grace in adversity, he was a poppa of the faith in every sense of the word! He is part of the great cloud of witnesses, no doubt, and is now beholding the One that he lived for, breathed for, and loved more than anything else. His life of unwavering faith was contagious. His love and admiration for Betty was an example to all. We cherished our time in prayer, listening and sharing stories of God’s faithfulness and watching this man renewed and increase in spiritual strength even as his body was weakening. His love for family was obvious. His children and grandchildren were so important to him and them achieving God’s best is all he wanted for them. We could go on and on. Our memories will live on and his legacy will be growing exponentially in the hearts of those he invested in until the Savior comes. We love him and Betty so dearly. We were honored to know them and honored to sit in God’s presence with them. xxxxooo

  31. Nancy Becker

    Beloved Bud, the Father spirit and anointing on you was so tangible, from the moment I met you I wanted a hug. To feel the Father’s embrace through you filled my soul and spirit. Thank you for setting the standard of love and compassion through all you do and all you say. GOD bless you

  32. Sheila Morris

    Dear Betty,
    My prayers and thoughts are with you as you carry on the ministry that you and Bud started so many years ago together. It is wonderful to see how God blessed us with the right partner to help further His kingdom on earth. Bud and Stan were so compatible and had the same vision—reach the world for Christ! I am sure they are having a great time together in heaven—praising God and sharing stories. My love is with you as you continue to work for Christ. I love you my sister.

  33. Cierra

    Hello My Sister in Christ,
    I do not know you all but I know the LORD led me to this site today as I wanted to learn more about Birthing something new through “Travailing”. My eyes locked in on your website. I saw the most amazing picture of you and your husband, and I began to read it thoroughly. I got to the end and realized this was written over 9 years ago, 2011. I thought, WoW GOD, you are so amazing to allow me to see this after all the time that has passed. I began to wonder how you both were doing and I noticed the most recent post of “Bud”. My Heart goes out for you all and I feel so Blessed to have reached this page. You and Bud are still Living our The Lords purpose and Blessing Lives. I recently turned 33 years old, and know that I am in a season of Activation and I believe what I have just received is about to lead me there even more.
    GOD Bless you Supernaturally! Love you!

  34. Maxemilian Simbillo

    Sincere condolences to the Millers. Ptr. Bud Miller was heaven sent to minister to me online. I am blessed to hear some of his audio teachings, read inspirational devotionals and bible resources in their website. Truly a wonderful brother even though I never met him in person but online, I do love him as my brother in Christ and also to Ptr. Betty Miller. You are now in glory with the presence of King Jesus Himself! Well done good and faithful servant of the Lord! Rest in peace with the Lord dear brother and see you in the holy city, new Jerusalem – hallelujah…
    In His love,
    Maxemilian Simbillo

  35. Runda Heard

    Pastor Betty may God continue to build you up in His joy. I read your column often and somehow came onto this segment. I know your husband was a true man of God because so often in your prayers you would ‘thank God for a good husband’. Thank God for y o u Pastor Betty and the wisdom He gives to share with us. Love is sustaining you.

  36. William Biggs

    Needed something to help me. Searched ‘bible suicide’ and read Betty’s “What the Bible says about suicide” article.
    Thank You Betty….I would love to meet you someday. I have enough strength now because of the you illuminated gods messages.

    William Biggs 58 years old
    Screech Owl Trail
    Aiken SC 29805

  37. Leona Rice

    On behalf of Sue Herkner & myself, we extend our belated condolences. Although Bud is no longer physically among us, the impact of his life will continue to touch lives. May God continue to comfort your heart with the knowledge that we who have met & known him here will see him again. God bless you as you press on with the Lord’s work.

  38. Sudesh Paul

    Very sad to learn that our beloved in Christ is received by the Lord for His glory. May God comfort with peace to bear the pain to the family. With prayers.

  39. Laird Thompson

    I am very sorry to hear about this. My belated condolences and prayers to your family.

    1. Julius Mitinje

      May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace, I am very shocked to hear this sad news

  40. Kate

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. Pastor Bud is now with the Lord and rejoicing in His presence.

  41. Joe Gullatte

    My deepest heartfelt condolences on the passing of your husband Sister, may our gracious Lord God fill the void with His peace, love and comfort in your darkness hour. May your days be bright and the joy of the Lord fill your heart.

  42. Yolanda Lampkin

    My condolences to Mrs. Betty, family and loved ones. May the Holy Spirit comfort and strengthen you. My prayers are with you. God Bless.

  43. Jane Tanner

    Dear Betty,
    In times of sorrow we remember that our sweet Lord gives us ‘beauty for ashes’. My prayer for you is that our sweet Saviour would be especially close as you grieve the loss of your husband.
    Just came across this site looking for some teaching on travailing prayer and saw that you had recently lost your husband. Your article on this subject so solidly backed by scripture, has been of great help to me. Thank you. Jane in BC, Canada.

  44. Annie Kemp

    To be absent from the body, is to be present with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  45. R

    My condolences…Many Blessings to you Betty and all the Miller family! I have been so appreciative of your ministry and know GOD will continue have HIS HANDS in you and give you peace! I look forward to seeing Bud in Heaven! GOD BLESS!

  46. Reese Weems

    I’m so sorry for your loss, You and your Husband Ministry has made me feel like family. I pray for you Mother Betty that you continue to be strong ?? and continue to bless us with the wisdom God has gifted you with. Your Ministry has help my Son grow since he first received a cellphone, my requirement was for him to read your daily word, if he wanted to keep his cellphone. He’s 21 now and continue every day reading your message. God Bless you and your family. We love you in Jesus Christ Name!!

  47. Jeannie Hampton

    Bud is an amazing man and meant a lot to us. When we met and would call him, he would always answer the phone, “Walking in the power and authority of Jesus!” Always joyful, even in difficulty. Always honest, transparent about his life. Our most treasured memory was being with you both at your home, and getting to know each other, sharing life stories, even late into the night, pouring over scripture and forming our friendship. You and Bud were always a powerful duo full of grace and truth and hope for a World that desperately needs it. His legacy and your faithfulness continue forever in not only your work but your lives, your stories, and your love for Jesus. I know my life is better for knowing Bud. My life is so blessed by your life, and you inspired something new and real and bold in our life and our family. No doubt that lives on forever in the many lives you’ve impacted. What a beautiful legacy Bud leaves the world. Praying for you now, and we are with you in prayer, and thoughts. Only a phone call away. I love you Betty, all hope in Jesus, and so much love.

  48. Anitha Benson

    Dear Betty Mam,

    Though my words can do little, I hope my thoughts and prayers will support you at this time. My deepest condolences.

    Kind Regards,

  49. Amy Wayne

    I thank God for the years of service that Bud has given to those seeking sound, Godly instruction and wisdom. Thank you, too, dear Betty! The Miller team created this wonderful and meaningful website. I am praying for your comfort. I know that you are, and will be, comforted. We’ve never met, but how exciting to know that we WILL!!! Then, I can embrace both you and Bud and thank you for the daily encouragement while we were all traversing this sod. It won’t be long now, Betty, will it! Please, when you’re ready, let us all know how you are. We all love you very much.
    Amy Wayne

  50. Paul & Grace Hicks

    Dr. Paul and Grace Hicks,
    We have lost a great friend and encourager! So many fond memories, and good sound teaching. Bud gave me a fine Bible,( King James ) saying to me…””Paul it’s time grow out of that living Bible” and he was so correct, it’s worn, highlighted, under lined and margins filled with notes, and reminds me of the blessing I have recieved from Bud and Betty’s teaching..A special memory..on the trails of the “Sierra Prietas”,Bud on horse running, praising the Lord for His Creation. I look forward to seeing Bud again! , Paul

  51. Ricardo Teodoro Ocampo

    Dearest Sister Betty,
    Condolence! About 17 years ago Martin Pangburn introduced you and Brother Bud to me and my former wife who is now with the Lord too. Our brief encounter was a great blessing to us. I shall miss him here on earth. Be comforted and strengthened by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Love & prayers from Tagaytay City, Philippines!

  52. Brad A Love

    I treasure all the memories I have from my time in Cherry Arizona on the “ranch” back in the 1980s, how could i know then that the goats , chickens , tomatoes , and an old horse named Red would be such fond memories. I will always be grateful for the kindness Bud and Betty and their family showed me in my early adulthood. Bud’s humor was always sharp and ready to cut through any drama or crisis. He was a joy to be around. He was a good guy in a white hat. I will always remember Bud Miller.

  53. marcia jaffe

    Dear Betty & Family,
    May God supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19 May He grant the comfort and peace only He can give and lead each one in His will for His glory.
    In His Love,
    Marcia & Peter Jaffe

  54. Rodney & Angel Hatfield

    Dear Betty,

    Angel and I have grieved for you and for the family for Bud’s passing. It came as a shock to us as I am sure it did for others. He always seemed like he would be healed from every health issue he faced and God had him here until this time. Now God called him home and he will be missed but we look forward to seeing him again.

    We have loved you both as treasured friends for many years and we are here if we can help in any way. Bud was a wonderful man of God and a true friend. We are praying for your safety, healthy and God’s provision for the days ahead.

    Love you,

    Rodney and Angel Hatfield

  55. Igor Radovic

    Dearest sister Betty in the LORD JESUS CHRIST

    My deepest and sincere condolences.
    With much sympathy sad to hear about passing of dear brother Bud knowing that he is with the Lord by Faith in Christ Jesus Our Lord.

    Dear sister Betty Miller

    God bless you be with you and send comfort and consolation to you in Our precious God and Savoir Jesus Christ.

    ISAIAH 54:5

    With love in Christ

  56. David Sudhakar Bula

    Dear sister Betty,

    We are deeply saddened by the news of Bro.Bud’s passing ,May the Lord Bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. Please accept our deepest condolences and may our prayers comfort you and hasten the journey of his soul to eternity.
    Yours Brother in Christ

  57. Renuka Lazarus

    Dearest Betty,

    Was sad to read of Pastor Bud’s passing.
    Of course he has gone to be with Jesus, and what joy n comfort to know that the family will see him again. I did not know him here on earth but guess you will introduce him to me in heaven!! Wow!
    I believe that His Great Spiritual legacy would just multiply even as his family n friends will bless many more in years to come.
    Joe n Renuka Lazarus
    Pune, India

    1. Joe Gullatte

      My deepest heartfelt condolences on the passing of your husband Sister, may our gracious Lord God fill the void with His peace, love and comfort in your darkness hour. May your days be bright and the joy of the Lord fill your heart.

    2. Nancy Kerubo

      My condolences to Betty and family. May God give you peace that surpasses all understanding. May God continue using you Betty for His glory.

  58. Dr. Carl & Vicky Langlois

    Pastor Bud was such encouragement to us and we felt his and Sister Betty’s prayers so often. We know his reward is now great and may Christ give such peace at this time. Our congregation here and in Appalachia will continue to under-gird beloved Sister Betty and their family.

  59. Janet (Simpson) Page and Karina (Simpson) Winebold

    We are so sorry for your loss. May the Lord grant you peace and comfort.

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