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The True Story of the Bible in 365 Short Readings

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The True Story Of The Bible in 365 Short Readings Is Taken From The International English™ Bible. It Is Written In A Natural Conversational Style That, Even In These Short Bible Stories, Expresses The Original Meaning Of The Bible In A Clear And Accurate Way.

Directions: Each of the 365 Short Readings is only around 2 to 5 minutes in length so you can listen or read through the most significant stories of the Bible in one year by spending less than 5 minutes a day listening or reading each Bible Reading.

The total time for all 365 Readings is just under 14-1/2 hours — just around 20% of the entire Bible. So if you could spend just 30 minutes a day reading or listening to these 365 Short Readings you could listen through all the most important stories of the Bible in only one month. Or if you could spend only 15 minutes a day you could finish in only 2 months. There is a link below to each of the 365 Audio and Text Readings. The Audio Readings will play continuously from one Reading to the next until you stop the playback.

You can also read along with the Text Readings as you listen to the corresponding Audio Readings. To do so open a Text Reading along with a matching Audio Reading. There is a link below to each of the 365 Audio and Text Readings.

Since each Text Reading opens in a new window tab you can open multiple text Readings each in its own tab in your browser. If you would like to view all of the 365 Text Readings in one continuous file click on The True Story Of The Bible — Readings 1 – 365.

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The True Story Of The Bible in 365 Short Audio Readings
All stories taken from the International English™ Bible.

Alternately: Click Here To Read The True Story Of The Bible in 365 Short Text Readings.

The True Story Of The Bible in 365 Short Text Readings
All stories taken from the International English™ Bible.

Alternately: Click Here To Listen To The True Story Of The Bible in 365 Short Audio Readings.

The True Story Of The Bible — Readings 1 – 365
001-Creation in General
002-The Creation of Man and the 7th Day
003-The First Man, Adam
004-One Man and One Woman
005-The Fall in the Garden–Sin
006-Cain and Abel
007-God’s Instructions to Noah
008-The Big Barge
009-God’s Covenant with Noah
010-The Tower of Babel
011-Job Lost Everything
012-Job Lost His Health
013-God Challenged Job to Answer Him
014-God as Compared with Job
015-Job’s Humility and God’s Response
016-God Called Abraham
017-Abraham and Sarah
018-Lot–Conflict and Choices
019-Abraham’s Faith
020-Sarah Was Promised a Son
021-Abraham Pled for the People of Sodom
022-Lot and His 2 Daughters Were Spared
023-Abraham and Abimelech
024-The Birth of Isaac
025-Hagar and Ishmael
026-The Sacrifice of Isaac
027-A Wife for Isaac
028-Jacob and Esau
029-Esau Sold His Birthright to Jacob
030-Jacob Deceived His Father
031-Jacob’s Ladder
032-A Wrestling Match
033-Jacob Returned to Bethel
034-Joseph’s Dream
035-Joseph Was Sold into Slavery
036-Joseph in Prison
037-The Butler and the Baker
038-Pharaoh’s Dream
039-Joseph Explained the King’s Dream
040-Joseph’s Advice
041-Joseph Was Promoted to Prime Minister
042-Joseph Saw His Brothers
043-Joseph Revealed Himself
044-Jacob Moved to Egypt
045-Shiphrah and Puah
046-The Birth of Moses
047-Moses Killed an Egyptian Slave-driver
048-Moses Fled Egypt
049-God Remembered His People Israel
050-God Called Moses at the Burning Bush
051-But Moses Had Doubts
052-God’s Plan to Get His People Out
053-The First Plague
054-The Second Plague
055-The Third Plague
056-The Fourth Plague
057-The Fifth Plague
058-The Sixth Plague
059-The Seventh Plague
060-The Eighth Plague
061-The Ninth Plague
062-The Tenth Plague
063-Getting Ready for the Passover
064-The First Passover Meal
065-The Exodus
066-The King Changed His Mind
067-Crossing the Red Sea
068-Bitter Waters Became Sweet
069-Quail Meat and Manna
070-Water Came from a Rock
071-The First Battle
072-The Ten Commandments
073-The Meeting on the Mountain
074-Resting on the Sabbath Day
075-A Golden Calf
076-Moses the Intercessor
077-Moses Wanted to See God’s Face
078-The God of Mercy
080-Whole Burnt-Offerings
084-Nadab and Abihu Were Killed
085-The Blasphemer
086-The Blessing
087-Moses, God’s Leader
088-The Report of the Spies
089-The Older Generation Dies
090-Slow Learners
091-Water Flowed from Another Rock
092-The Bronze Snake
093-Balaam, a False Prophet
094-Drive Out the Canaanites!
095-Love Yahweh, Your God
096-God Has Given You the Power to Take the Land
097-Rahab and the Two Spies
098-Crossing the Jordan River
099-Marching around Jericho
100-Jericho Fell
101-The Defeat at Ai
102-The Covenant with God Was Renewed
103-The Next Generation Abandoned God
105-Deborah and Balak
106-The Promise of Barak
107-Gideon’s Battle
108-The Birth of Samson and His Marriage
109-Samson and the Riddle about the Lion
110-Samson and the 300 Jackals
111-Samson and Delilah
112-Samson Was Betrayed and Captured
113-Samson’s Last Deed
114-Ruth Followed Naomi
115-Ruth Gleaned Grain in the Fields
116-Ruth and Boaz Met
117-Ruth Married Boaz
118-Hannah’s Prayer
119-The Birth of Samuel
120-Eli’s Loss
121-God’s Message to Samuel
122-The Philistines Captured the Ark of the Covenant
123-The People Demanded a King
124-Saul Lost the Kingdom
125-Saul Did Not Obey God
126-David Was Chosen by God to Be King
127-Goliath the Giant
128-David Approached Goliath
129-David Killed Goliath
130-Psalm 23
131-David, the Warrior
132-David Did Not Kill King Saul
133-Psalm 46
134-David Became King over Judah
135-David Became King over All Israel
136-Psalm 93
137-Psalm 47
138-Psalm 29
139-Psalm 111
140-Psalm 8
141-Psalm 19
142-Psalm 1
143-David and Bathsheba
144-The Murder of Uriah
145-The Prophet Nathan Confronted King David
146-Psalm 51
147-Psalm 139-1ff
148-Psalm 139-14ff
149-David’s Final Song
150-Solomon Became King
151-David’s Words to Solomon
152-Solomon’s Dream
153-Solomon and the Two Women
154-Sinning Brings Grief
155-Seek Wisdom
156-Trusting God
157-Learning from Ants
158-The Blessing of the Lord
159-Righteous Scales
160-Good Advice
161-The Wrong Path
162-What Is a Full Life
163-Two Are Better Than One
164-Good People and Bad People
165-The Temple of Solomon Was Finished
166-Enjoy Yourself Responsibly
167-Remember Your Creator
168-Obey God
169-The Queen of Sheba
170-A Worthy Woman
171-Brave Obadiah
172-Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
173-Fear After Success
174-Elijah Was Transported to Heaven
175-Jars of Oil
176-A Special Room Reserved for a Prophet
177-Elisha Raised the Dead
178-One Hundred People Were Fed
179-Naaman, Elisha, and Gehazi
180-An Iron Ax-Head Floated
181-Elisha and the Jewish Woman
182-Jonah Tried to Run Away from God
183-The Prayer of Jonah
184-Nineveh Repented
185-Jonah Got Angry with God
186-God Called Isaiah to Be a Prophet
187-The Sign of Immanuel
188-The Son of God Will Come
189-No One Is Like God
190-The Absurdity of Idolatry
191-The Suffering Servant of God
192-Has God Abandoned Us
193-True Fasting
194-The Messianic Age
195-King Hezekiah Was Trapped
196-Hezekiah’s Prayer Was Answered
197-God Extended the Life of King Hezekiah
198-King Josiah Enforced God’s Laws
199-God Called Jeremiah to Be a Prophet
200-The Potter and the Clay
201-King Jehoiakim Burned the Scroll of Jeremiah
202-By Faith
203-The Valley of the Dried-up Bones
204-Daniel and the Others Obeyed Their Consciences
205-Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
206-Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
207-Daniel in the Lions’ Den
208-The Messiah Will Come
209-Building the Wall and Defending It
210-The Law of God Was Read Out Loud to the People
211-Nehemiah Enforced the Law of Moses
212-God’s Messenger Will Announce the Messiah
213-The Birth of John the Baptizer (= Elijah)
214-The Word Became Human
215-The Birth of Jesus
216-The Shepherds Found Baby Jesus
217-The Wise Men
218-Jesus at the Age of 12
219-John Immersed Jesus
220-The Temptation of Jesus
221-Jesus Turned Water into Wine
222-Jesus Threw Out a Demon
223-Jesus Healed a Leper
224-Peter Went Fishing
225-Philip and Nathanael
226-The New Birth
227-A Samaritan Woman
228-Jesus Healed an Official’s Son
229-Jesus Healed a Crippled Man
230-The Man at the Pool of Bethzatha
231-Jesus Healed Another Man on the Sabbath Day
232-Jesus Healed Peter’s Mother-in-Law
233-Jesus Chose His Twelve Apostles
234-The Beatitudes
235-Jesus Made a Servant Well
236-Jesus Brought a Widow’s Son Back to Life at Nain
237-Jesus Answered John’s Question
238-At Simon the Pharisee’s House
239-The Lord’s Model Prayer
240-Always Let Your Light Shine
241-Use What You Have
242-Jesus Calmed the Storm on the Lake
243-Jesus and the Demoniac
244-The Woman with the Bleeding Sore and Jairus’ Daughter
245-Jesus Sent Them Out in Pairs
246-The Parable of the Sower
247-Jesus Walked on Water
248-Jesus Visited His Home Town
249-Jesus Fed More Than 5,000 People
250-Following Tradition or Obeying God
251-Jesus Predicted His Own Death
252-The Transfiguration of Jesus
253-Who Is the Greatest One
254-The Woman Who Was Caught in the Act of Adultery
255-Jesus Gave Sight to a Blind Man
256-Jesus Is the Good Shepherd
257-Jesus Sent Out More Men
258-Who Is My Neighbor, Really
259-The Good Samaritan Story
260-Martha and Mary
261-The Woman Who Was Bent Over
262-The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin
263-The Lost Son
264-The Rich Man and Lazarus
265-The Ten Lepers
266-Two Different Prayers
267-Blind Bartimaeus
268-Jesus and the Little Children
269-The Rich Young Ruler
271-Mary Anointed Jesus
272-Jesus Entered Jerusalem
273-The Money-Exchangers
274-A Very Poor Widow
275-Judas Iscariot Betrayed Jesus
276-Preparation for the Passover Meal
277-The Last Supper
278-Jesus Washed Their Feet
279-I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
280-Believe and Obey
281-The Holy Spirit
282-Jesus Is the Vine, We Are the Branches
283-The World Will Hate You, Too
284-The Comforter Will Come
285-Jesus’ Prayer to the Father
286-Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane
287-The Crucifixion
288-Jesus Died and Was Buried
289-The Resurrection
290-Doubting Thomas
291-Peter, Do You Love Me
292-The Great Commission
293-The Parting Words of Jesus
294-Filled with the Holy Spirit
295-Peter’s Sermon
296-3,000 People Believed and Were Baptized
297-A Lame Man Was Healed
298-Peter and John Preached
299-Ananias and Sapphira Died
300-The Apostles Were Arrested but Rescued
301-Peter’s Boldness
302-The Apostles Were Persecuted
303-Stephen, the First Christian Martyr
304-Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
305-Paul’s Conversion
306-Cornelius and Peter
307-Peter’s Release from Prison
308-The Lame Man at Lystra
309-A Fortune-telling Slave-girl
310-The Philippian Jailor
311-Thessalonica and Berea
312-Paul Preached in Athens
313-In Corinth
315-The Seven Sons of Sceva
316-Artemis, the Goddess of Ephesus
317-Eutychus, Paul’s Meeting with the Elders from Ephesus
318-Governor Felix Was Afraid
319-A Storm in the Sea
320-Safe on the Island of Malta, Paul Arrived in Rome
321-The Need for the Gospel
322-Universal Sin, but Salvation Is Available for All
323-Peace with God
324-Dying to Sin
325-No Condemnation Now, We Are the Winners
326-Non-Jewish People Were Grafted In
327-Learn from Israel’s Example
330-Living by Faith
331-Our Inheritance
332-Two Sons
333-Live a Life of Love, Husbands and Wives
334-Respect in Human Relationships
335-God’s Armor
336-Be Humble Like Jesus
337-Timothy and Epaphroditus
338-Being Citizens of Heaven
339-Be Happy
340-The Traits of Spiritual Leaders
341-God’s View about Money
342-Be Good Soldiers of Christ
343-The Value of God’s Word
344-Healthy Teaching
345-God’s Word Is Like a Double-edged Sword
346-Jesus Is Our High Priest
347-They All Lived by Faith
348-Running the Race
349-Faith without Works Is Dead
350-Controlling Our Words
351-True Humility
352-Children of God
353-God Is Love, Victory
354-We Belong to God
355-Jesus Is Coming Soon
356-Fallen from Their First Love
357-The Crown in Heaven Is the Reward
358-Spiritual Manna
359-The Morning Star
360-Dressed in White
361-A Pillar in God’s Temple
362-Jesus Is Knocking at the Door
363-The Rider on the White Horse
364-The New Jerusalem
365-A Heavenly Invitation