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Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy: The Wealth of the Sinner

Prophetic Word given by Cindy Jacobs

Generals of Intercession 

Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy: The Wealth of the Sinner
The Wealth of the Sinner

There is a shifting in the spirit in the area of finance. For I, the Lord have tested and tried the hearts of my people concerning mammon. The wealth of the sinner has been heaped up for these end times when I will use it to fund the end-time revival. Some of the greatest and most influential economic strongholds will crumble, as I, Jehovah Jireh, position my people to harvest what is necessary to see that the gospel be taken to the ends of the earth.

Violent warfare in the heavenlies has, and is, being fought, against those to whom I desire to release My heaviest anointings to fund this end time move. The enemy is attempting to squeeze the life out of My chosen ones; the Jobs and Josephs. Intercessors arise! Cry out to me for a breakthrough in the area of finance. Pray that those who are called to provide great blessings through the gift of giving will not be discouraged in the day of battle, but stand firm.

In this coming move of the spirit, in the area of Harvest financing, I will only use those who keep their hearts pure and are not out for personal gain, but who will simply be conduits of the blessings. I am pouring out a large vision to My Christian leaders, and will link and network them with those to whom I am giving the power to get wealth.

Believe me for the outpouring. Stand against Satan’s plan to stop what I am sending from the windows of Heaven. Keep giving and do not withhold from Me. Be alert to those places the enemy will try to rob from you. Live a life of integrity and you will see rivers of prosperity pour into the storehouses of My ministries for My end-time harvest of the nations of the earth.


Cindy Jacobs, president of Generals of Intercession and on the executive council of the National Prayer Embassy, travels widely and teaches on intercession. An intercessory participant in the Lausanne II Congress on World Evangelism and coordinator of the first 24-hour intercessory prayer team for Inter-Varsity’s Urbana 1990, she lives with her husband, Mike, and two children in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mike and Cindy Jacobs can be reached by e-mail at: or you can visit their Generals of Intercession Website at:

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Topic: Messages to the Church: The Wealth of the Sinner
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Messages To The Church: The Wealth of the Sinner


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