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Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy: Prophesy on Shaking

Prophecy given to Ben Methena on 9-17-97

Here is a prophesy that came to a brother who attends Umqua Christian Center, in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, a congregation in renewal. I thought it could be a blessing to many, as it was to me and others who have received it. — James, a brother in Christ

“Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On”

Know that Man’s heart is truly dark. The depths of his blindness is so great that he has forgotten why he was made and feels no sense of loss in shame and iniquities. He takes pride in himself and what he has done. He feels no need for Me. In his darkness he believes in the lies of the enemy of his own soul and thus believes by his own hand he can live. He does not seek his Master, but seeks the darkness of his own heart, instead of My light. His heart is dark and hardened against Me. This is why the earth must be shaken, so that in fear he will seek me for help. It is his wake up call; his chance for change. Without it he would be lost, without me, with no hope of finding me. If man would repent and change his ways there would be no need to wake him. but man does sleep.

Be not discouraged when you see these things, for they must take place, for the sake of the lost. Even as you did not know of your own darkness when you were lost, so too are they likewise blind and in need of my sight. Know that I am placing my people where they are needed most. Those that will accept my call, will stand in the midst of the storm, and will not be moved, for I have planted them. I have anchored them to be able to withstand these days. Know that I am your strength and never take your eyes off me, for to do is to fall short of that which I have called you to do in my name.

For I am raising a fortress in these days, a holy mountain. The mountain of the glory of the Lord. I will show my power unto the whole earth; my glory, my righteousness. My holy mountain is placed within you, so that the world will see. It gives my people power and strength to withstand, for they are not of this world. but merely abide in it until I call. I will fortify the hearts of my people and turn sorrow to joy. My people, make me your heart’s desire and seek me above all else, for then I will be found of you and we will be as one flesh, one love, one desire, one spirit, one goal, one heart, one mind. You will then know what it is to truly know me.

Submitted by James DuBois – Umqua Christian Center

Copyright (c) 2013 – Christ Unlimited Ministries –

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Topic: Messages to the Church: Prophesy on Shaking
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Messages To The Church: Prophesy on Shaking


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