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Prayer For God’s People


Dear Heavenly Father,

We lift our brothers and sisters to You today and we would like to bless them with these words of prayer.  Lord, these are Your people and we know many have grown weary along the way, but today we pray that the weariness will lift from them and You will send a time of refreshing to them – spirit, soul and body. Lord, encourage them by Your Spirit. You know the needs of each of Your people.  Meet those needs according to Your will in each of their lives.

Bless them with health, finances, direction, strength, wisdom, love and the things that they are in need of at this time. Lord, may You heal any relationship problems in their churches, homes and families. Give them revelation from on High.  May they hear Your voice. Restore the joy of their salvation to those who are laboring without a rejoicing heart. Father, may the joy of the Lord flood over them and help them to serve You with newness of heart and spirit. We pray for them in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!


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  1. Thomas Dickensheets

    God help your people, help me! You know their hearts! Change my & your people minds & hearts. Take away my fears & worries.

  2. Joel Dawins

    Praise the Lord I’m asking prayer for my wife Lori Dawkins she’s in the hospital she has a massive amount of fluid on a lung bathroom with lung cancer and our heart rate went to a hundred and something beats per second so I pray that you all will come together with me and faith and believe God 4 miracle I always stand on his word Jeremiah 3017 and I believe that and I hold that to my heart that God will do what he say he would do God bless you all and I thank you for your prayers in Jesus name

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