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What the Bible Says about Christmas – Christmas Giving

Christmas Giving

By Walter E. Isenhour

What the Bible Says about Christmas - Christmas Giving
Christmas Giving

As you think of giving presents
To your friends on Christmas Day,
Don’t forget the poor and needy That you meet along life’s way.

Give them something that is helpful,
That will tell them of your love,
For such giving pleases Jesus
As He watches from above.

If you cannot give abundance,
Give a little in His name;
For a little given rightly,
With His blessings on the same,
May be bread upon the waters
You will find again sometime
Multiplied to loaves of blessing
That are wondrous and sublime.

Give and help to spread the Gospel
On the mission fields of Earth
Where the natives by the millions
Have not heard of Jesus’ birth.

Give to causes that are worthy
Of your money with a prayer;
Give and help to share the burdens
That so many people bear.

Let the Christmas thought of giving
Go with you throughout the year,
Then your life will be a blessing
And you’ll have the thrill of cheer;
For in making others happy,
You will get a great supply,
As our Lord who reigns in heaven
Will then bless you from on high.

Bible Institute of Chicago, IL. Used with Permission.

Copyright (c) 2013 – Christ Unlimited Ministries –

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Topic: What the Bible Says About Christmas Giving
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What the Bible Says about Christmas Giving

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