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Christ Unlimited Ministries Launches New Bible Answers Area on

Bible Answers on Provides Biblical Teachings, Studies and Answers has launched a new Bible Answers area on their Website that offers over 10,000 pages of Biblical teachings, Bible references, testimonials, devotionals and other resources, providing answers on what the Bible says on over 100 frequently asked questions. new Bible Answers area provides Biblical answers,teachings and Bible studies on over a hundred subjects, ranging from alcohol and abortion to school shootings and voting.  Bible Answers that are based on over 17 years of Biblical content creation, initially offered on

The new Bible Answers covers what the Bible says about many commonly asked questions including: abortion, business, capital punishment, choosing a mate, demons, diet, drinking alcohol, end time warnings, evil in the world, faith, fear, false prophets, finances, forgiveness, fornication, gambling, God, grief, healing, hell, homosexuality, judgment, life and death, lying, masturbation, money, pornography, pride, Satan, school shootings, sex before marriage, military, smoking, spanking children, stealing, stock market, suicide, tattoos, tithing, unclean thoughts, vegetarianism, violence of today, voting, war, witchcraft, yoga and many other cultural and Biblical issues. formats include mini-teachings, Bible references, devotionals, testimonials, Bible Studies and additional Biblical resources.

Our new Bible Answers areas are the result of many years of Biblically-inspired  efforts.  Bud and Betty Miller, co-founders of, and now,, are grateful to all who’ve partnered with them to bring the Bible and Christian gospel of Jesus Christ to millions around the world via the Internet. Pastors Bud and Betty Miller, who are seniors, believe their most fruitful days are still ahead because of these exciting changes that will allow them to reach out in a video ministry.

For additional information please visit it at: ( ) ( )
Christ Unlimited Ministries
P. O. Box 850
Dewey, AZ 86327
(928) 632-8005


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