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How You Can Be a Partner

Our prayer is that the Lord will send us helpers and laborers into this great outreach. In Matthew 9:37-38 Jesus said, “… The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

Yes, we need monetary help, but you can also help us in other ways. We have made a list below as to how you can help in specific ways and become a partner with us in this last day harvest. If you don’t have a missionary outreach and would like to help us reach the world through this new medium, please seek the Lord about how to help us. Here are some specific ways you can become a Partner with us:

  1. PRAY FOR US DAILY. This is the most important way you can help. We need people who will commit to pray for the needs of the ministry and other prayer requests on a regular basis. Your prayer support is by far our greatest need. We will place you on a special mailing list so that we can keep in touch as the need arises. If you feel you can make a commitment, we have listed our needs on a special page. This page also contains information of other prayer needs around the world. We will be continually expanding and updating it.: PRAYER INFORMATION
  2. SHARE OUR ADDRESS BY WORD OF MOUTH. Please share our address ( with your family, friends, news groups, bulletin board services, chat rooms and others.
  3. SHARE WITH YOUR CHURCH. Let your pastor and church friends know of this site. Also request permission from your pastor to announce our site in your church bulletin. Some churches are getting involved and adding us to their mission outreaches. We would be honored to be your missionaries in cyberspace. You can print the information on this page and share it with your pastor and friends.
  4. LINK TO OUR SITE. Place our website address on your home page that will link to our website. You may copy and use any of these icons:
  5. SEND E-MAIL INVITATIONS TO VISIT OUR SITE TO YOUR FRIENDS. Send an e-mail to all your friends with your personal invitation to visit us at:
  6. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL RADIO OR CHRISTIAN RADIO STATION TO ANNOUNCE: WWW.BIBLERESOURCES.ORG Call your local radio station and ask if they have free advertising available for an announcement about a non-profit organization that has a helpful site on the INTERNET. Most radio stations have a bulletin board or give time for FREE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS. Submit the following announcement:
  7. BIBLERESOURCES.ORG is an INTERNET website where you may download or view the Bible in numerous languages. This worldwide outreach, known as Christ Unlimited Ministries, has free Bible Study materials online. They also take prayer requests for those in need. If you need BIBLE ANSWERS or PRAYER, this Internet website will help you: BIBLERESOURCES.ORG
  8. RUN AN AD IN YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER. Most local newspapers have a Religion section where you may be able to run a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Ask to speak with the editor of the Religion section and share the above information with them (See Spot Ad in Number 6). If this is not a part of their service, you can still help by paying for a CLASSIFIED AD and running it under the “Personals” or “Computer” sections. The Sunday edition is usually the most read newspaper; however, the rates are a little higher. If the above spot is too costly then you could run the following one liner ad in large print: The name of “” will advertise itself without additional comment as computer people know how to find it and people seeking answers from the Bible will be inclined to look it up. You could also place this ad in other magazines, local community papers, billboards and server sites that have a classified ad section (e.g.: AOL Classifieds). Should you do this, please e-mail us the name of the town and country in which you placed the ad so we can monitor the increase in those areas.
  9. BOOKMARK OUR SITE. Please keep coming back and visiting our site so that you can stay in touch with what we are doing. We need Christian friends that will stand with us. You can choose to have the site come up first on your browser instead of Microsoft’s page or some other ISP address. If you are new to the Internet, you may not know that this can be easily done. Here are the step by step directions to help you program your browser so that the site will appear as your home page daily.
  10. GIVE MONETARY DONATIONS TO THIS WORK. Donations to continue this ministry are gladly accepted and much appreciated. God’s economy is to give and receive. We are distributing free literature all over the world. Over the years we have distributed thousands of free Bibles. When we began this Internet ministry, we kept giving away free Bibles; however, the requests became so enormous we could not handle them all. We are now concentrating on improving our site so people can download a complete Bible free. We are also continuing to offer other materials that will help our brothers and sisters in their Christian growth. Besides all of our free materials on the site, we also give free scholarships for our complete Bible Study material to all who cannot afford to purchase them. We are currently working toward getting our materials translated into other languages so we can even reach more people. This is one of the reasons we are enlisting partners to help us.

This Internet ministry is a full-time job for us. We are supported solely by donations given to the ministry by people such as yourself and our Chapel Bookstore sales. It is God’s grace and your gifts that make this possible. We live utterly by faith as we are not backed by any denomination or organization. We daily look to God to meet our needs to fulfill the vision He has given us. The Lord has people like you and a few churches that are currently supporting this work. We are believing for an increase in steady monthly supporters so we can do even more for the Lord this year.

If this ministry is blessing you in any way, please pray about how the Lord might lead you to give to this work. The Internet is one of the most cost-effective means of getting out the gospel in the shortest period of time. However, it takes hours of work to make this possible. Hiring additional trained technicians would expedite the work on the site. If the Lord leads you to give, remember no offering is too small. Even $5.00 or $10.00 will help. A little with God becomes a lot. Thank you so much.

You can give through your Master Card or Visa. Your donations are tax deductible as CHRIST UNLIMITED MINISTRIES is a non-profit, tax-exempt church, under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. THIS IS A SECURE SITE as it is coded so that no one can copy your credit card number.
Click here to DONATE. If you prefer you can also mail an offering to:

P.O. Box 850
Dewey, AZ 86327

You may think of other ways to help. Let us hear about your ideas. As we labor together we can change the INTERNET to be a better place that shares Jesus, instead of the wickedness that now exists. Will you help us? Let us assure you that we will use your offerings and help to see that every dollar is spent in a cost-effective way to reach as many people as possible in the shortest period of time. Please click on the TESTIMONIES link to see what the Lord is doing through this website. Don’t miss this page if you desire to partner with us. It speaks louder and clearer than anything else we could say about Thanking you in advance, knowing that the Lord will bless you with His eternal rewards!