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Overcoming-Life-Series_9-Images_01The Nine Volume Overcoming Life Series by Betty Miller
About the Author

Overcoming Life Series (cont.)

The Overcoming Life Series is a condensed set of books on “how to live the overcoming life in Christ” and equips you with the knowledge and understanding of how to apply God’s Word to the various areas and challenges in life you will face. Each book, along with its companion workbook, form a self-contained Bible based library that deals with the major practical problems or doctrinal issues you as a Christian will encounter in your daily walk. All the answers are based on the Word of God, with Scripture references throughout. This material is not intended to give you “pat” answers, but is designed to give you the tools needed, so that you may find the answers for yourself. These books are a “spiritual tool chest” of helps for building and perfecting you, as a member of the body of Christ and will give you the foundational truths of the Word of God. When there are large gaps in a person’s knowledge of the Word of God they can suffer setbacks and hindrances in their spiritual walk because they do not have the necessary Biblical knowledge and understanding. This series is designed to help you understand the will of God for your life and give you the proper Biblical knowledge on how to live the overcoming life in Christ.

These materials are not only designed for individual study, but are also ideal for home Bible study groups and for Sunday School lessons as well. They were developed in a local Bible School setting and are aimed at equipping believers to live the overcoming life in Christ. Whether you are the youngest “babe” or an elder saint who still desires to attain a greater fullness in the Lord Jesus Christ, these materials are the ministry’s gift to you and are available so you can know Him in His fullness. That is our goal!  Our God is THE CHRIST UNLIMITED!

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